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Prisma Range

Imola Ceramica Prisma Range Image © Imola Ceramica

Prisma is a double and single-fired collection in which geometrical patterns become sensations, macro-decorations fill your gaze and contrasting floral patterns give surfaces a three-dimensional quality.

Prisma is a polychromatic triumph and its vast colour range offers a multifaceted vision of light by capturing its every reflection.

Prisma convinces, seduces and enchants. It is the ideal choice for those who seek and love powerful sensations, light, colour, fantasy and intense emotions.

Range Info

  • Brand Imola Ceramica
  • Tile Material Double-fired, single fired
  • Area Bathroom
  • Tile Sizes 20x30 cm, 8.2x30 cm
  • Colour Almond, Black, White, Red, Brown, Blue, Green, Beige, Yellow, Dark Brown
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